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  • Canseco Loses Finger Playing Poker

    According to former professional baseball player Jose Canseco’s twitter account, Canseco recently lost a finger while playing poker.

    21. November 2014 Pokerwelt

  • Molly's Game: The Movie

    It was recently announced that renown screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has signed on to adapt Molly’s Game, the memoir from Molly Bloom detailing her experience running underground poker games attended by Hollywood celebrities.

    20. November 2014 Pokerwelt

  • Ivey Hires Fleyshman

    When Ivey Poker announced a temporary shutdown after less than a year of operation, many were wondering whether this marked the beginning of the end for the site. But…

    18. November 2014 Pokerwelt

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  • Leveling Up

    Today, we will discuss the six Levels of Poker Thinking explained in Sklanksy’s and Miller’s No Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice, to hopefully give you a feel of where you are on the spectrum and how to get to the next level.

    6. November 2014 Poker-Strategie

  • Hand Equivalency

    Not all hands are created equal, but if the right (or wrong) conditions come together, hands that would appear to be very different can actually be fairly equivalent. In poker, there are various «levels» of thinking. At Level 1, players focus on their own cards, without regards for their opponents' holdings. Hopefully, this is not you. Regardless, once we move to Level 2 and consider our opponent’s hand, the value of your hand can change significantly. If you are not careful, you can get married to a hand because of its seeming strength; but not appreciating the concept of hand equivalency can be a costly mistake.

    24. Oktober 2014 Poker-Strategie

  • Home on (to) the Range

    When playing a hand in poker, amongst the myriad of considerations to consider is how to keep weaker hands from folding. The biggest pots are usually the ones where there is a showdown, and the only way to win a showdown is to be against weaker cards when the betting is done and its time to expose the hands. Oftentimes, as a newer or even intermediate player, when you reach showdown against a weaker hand, thus taking the pot, it is somewhat unintentional. Sure, you want to win the pot and you play with that in mind, but are you consciously trying to keep weaker hands in the pot? By tweaking your game slightly, you may be able to do just that, giving you more winning showdowns and more huge pots.

    3. Oktober 2014 Poker-psychologie

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