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  • Poker Bot Wins Award

    Poker players will have a good rival among AI programs. Soon Neo Poker Bot will be a worthy opponent at the poker table.

    28. August 2014 Pokerwelt

  • Record-Breaking Fields

    If anyone thought that poker was on the downswing, they need to look no further to the record breaking fields at live tournaments throughout Europe.

    27. August 2014 Pokerwelt

  • A Fine Found Unconstitutional

    Pennsylvania’s highest court recently ruled that a mandatory $75,000 fine charged to a poker dealer is unconstitutional.

    26. August 2014 Pokerwelt

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  • Confidence is Key

    Today, we will be discussing confidence in poker, including why it is important and how lacking confidence can be harmful to your profitability. I will also offer some tips on how to build and maintain confidence at the table so you can hopefully avoid the handicap that exists when your opponents know you are not confident.

    15. August 2014 Jordan Greene Poker-psychologie

  • Embracing the Semi-Bluff

    Today, we will discuss the semi-bluff, including when it is most useful and why it is useful. When we are done, hopefully you will have another tool in your poker arsenal to take to the tables.

    5. August 2014 Jordan Greene Poker-psychologie

  • Table Selection

    Today, we will be discussing table selection. It may be the best way to improve your results without improving your skills.

    5. August 2014 Jordan Greene Poker-psychologie

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Question of the week #133

You’re playing a 9 handed cash game with blinds at $500/$1K and you call a raise from the button holding A10. The flop comes A23 and the pre-flop raiser checks to you. What sould you do?

What should you do?

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