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  • No Poker for Phua

    As a child, when I got in trouble, the first punishment doled out was that I could not play my Nintendo. Well, it seems like the Courts in Las Vegas have taken a page from my parent’s playbook after deciding that Wei Seng «Paul» Phua and Darren Wai Kit Phua are not allowed to play poker while they are out on bail awaiting trial.

    29 de enero de 2015 Mundo del poker

  • Celebrities at PNIA

    Poker is fun, but poker with celebrities is even more fun.

    27 de enero de 2015 Mundo del poker

  • AI Beats HU Limit Hold'em

    The good news is that the game of poker has finally been beat; the bad news is that it has been beaten by artificial intelligence, which is surely the first version of our eventual future robot overlords.

    26 de enero de 2015 Mundo del poker

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  • The Preflop Player vs. The Postflop Player

    Today, we are going to discuss two conflicting but legitimate strategies: being a predominantly preflop player or a predominantly postflop player. Hopefully, you can see where you fit in the spectrum and use this newfound understanding to play to your own strengths.

    27 de enero de 2015 Estrategia de poker

  • Playing Against Short Stackers

    Today, we will discuss how to play against short stackers in ring games (aka cash games, as opposed to tournaments) to maximize your success.

    7 de enero de 2015 Estrategia de poker

  • To Peek or Not to Peek

    When it comes to when you should look at your cards in a live game, there are two schools of though, each with valid ideas. Today, we will be discussing when to look at your cards in a live game, including the relative benefits of the two primary philosophies.

    30 de diciembre de 2014 Estrategia de poker

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Question of the week #136

You’re playing a 5 cash game with $10/$20 blinds with A9 in the small blind. You have bet all three streets out of position and on the river the board shows K10QJ6 with no flush possibilities. What should you do?

What should you do?

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