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  • Hellmuth's Epic Weekend

    A poker player, some race car drivers and a MMA champion walk into a bar. No, this is not the setup to a joke. It’s the real life of the Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth.

    2014年12月19日 扑克世界

  • Mercier Wins Alpha8 St Kitts

    Wins from big name pros are always noteworthy as a reminder that skill trumps luck in the game of poker. A recent win by Jason Mercier is no exception to that rule.

    2014年12月18日 扑克世界

  • Poker Gifts

    Bloomberg View, part of the Bloomberg financial and media empire, recently posted an article about holiday gifts for poker players./p>

    2014年12月16日 扑克世界

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  • The Three Bet

    As you become more comfortable with the game of poker, you are going to want to gather as many weapons as possible in your arsenal. The three bet is one such weapon. It can throw off your opponents and earn you some chips, even with a subpar hand.

    2014年12月5日 扑克心理学

  • Information is Money

    Today, we will be discussing the ways that players can foolishly give up information at the poker table in a way that can cost them money. Most of the advice leans heavily toward live play, where there are a ton of sources of information available, but if you are prone to chatting at the virtual tables, the lessons largely carry over.

    2014年11月25日 扑克策略

  • Leveling Up

    Today, we will discuss the six Levels of Poker Thinking explained in Sklanksy’s and Miller’s No Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice, to hopefully give you a feel of where you are on the spectrum and how to get to the next level.

    2014年11月6日 扑克策略

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Question of the week #136

You’re playing a 5 cash game with $10/$20 blinds with A9 in the small blind. You have bet all three streets out of position and on the river the board shows K10QJ6 with no flush possibilities. What should you do?

What should you do?

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