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  • Home on (to) the Range

    When playing a hand in poker, amongst the myriad of considerations to consider is how to keep weaker hands from folding. The biggest pots are usually the ones where there is a showdown, and the only way to win a showdown is to be against weaker cards when the betting is done and its time to expose the hands. Oftentimes, as a newer or even intermediate player, when you reach showdown against a weaker hand, thus taking the pot, it is somewhat unintentional. Sure, you want to win the pot and you play with that in mind, but are you consciously trying to keep weaker hands in the pot? By tweaking your game slightly, you may be able to do just that, giving you more winning showdowns and more huge pots.

    3 октября 2014 г. Психология игры

  • Doing Business - A Live Play Phenomenon

    Poker is all about the long term. In any given hand, luck may be the determining factor. You may have gotten your opponent to call your all-in after you flop a straight against his top pair, but if the board goes runner-runner and he ends the hand with a straight, all of your good play can go up in smoke. But that’s okay, because experienced players understand that poker is all about the long term. Your opponent may get lucky in one hand, but if he is the type of guy to call an all-in with top pair, over time you will end up with his money, as long as you keep making that same play with superior hands. Winning one hand may require luck. Winning many hands require skill.

    12 сентября 2014 г. Jordan Greene Стратегия игры

  • Odd Rules Worth Knowing

    Today, we will be discussing some of the odder poker rules. This is mostly applicable in live action, since the rules online are dictated by the program, so all you have to worry about is playign. That said, if you play on Pokerist, you likely have at least some desire to play in a casino or home game, so knowing the rules will be invaluable.

    5 сентября 2014 г. Jordan Greene Психология игры

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Вопрос недели #136

Вы играете в кэш-игру на 5 человек с блайндами $ 10 / $ 20. Вы в позиции в позиции малого блайнда с A9. Во всех трех раундах вы делали ставку и на ривере вышли K10QJ6, лишая вас возможного флеша. Что будете делать? 

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